Utopian Land: The Greek entry to the Eurovision Song Contest

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Greece will be represented by the Pontiac hip hop band Argo in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, with a song about refugees titled Utopian Land.

The song that will be performed by Christina Lachana, Maria Venetikidou, Vladimiros Sofianidis, Kostas Topouzis, Ilias Kesidis en Alekos Papadopoulos in Stockholm was unveiled on Thursday.

State TV ERT, traditionally responsible for picking the Eurovision song every year, has decided this year to bypass the usual contest procedure and offer the entry to Argo, a hip hop band from Pontos (from where many Greek refugees arrived in the country after the 1922 war with Turkey).

Additionally, ERT has decided to “order” the song’s theme, limiting the band’s composition to the issue of refugees – a clear political decision based on current affairs, given that the refugee crisis is a major issue concerning the country’s current position in the EU. It is even rumored that the song might be sung in the Pontiac dialect.

According to ERT, Argo consists of Christina Lachana who is the lead singer, as well as five other members; Maria Venetikidou, Vladimiros Sofianidis, Kostas Topouzis, Ilias Kesidis and Alekos Papadopoulos. Further details are due to be released soon.

Greece has won the Eurovision Song Contest once, in 2005, and has qualified to every Grand Final since the current system was introduced. Last year Maria Elena Kyriakou represented Greece with the song One Last Breath.

Christina Lachana is the lead singer of the group. In the recent past this formation from Thessaloniki performed under the stage name Europond – a word play about Europe and Pontos.

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