The Visitors

MOUSAVIR is the name of one of the uninvited visitors. The number of the “uninvited” always has a higher value. Names and surnames are irrelevant. They are refugees, migrants and in the vernacular of human worthlessness “illegal.” A burden and intractable problem. At best they are an opportunity for charity, or the chance of emotion within one minute’s news bulletin.

Mousavir, however, stands out. He is number 1 among the accumulated numbers at Ellinikon.
He used to be among the top names in the pop scene of Afghanistan. He made the mistake of singing for women’s rights in his homeland. Now they are looking for their own human rights. The concert was titled “Return the smile.” It cost him not only his own name, but everything he had. He crossed Turkey, drowned in the Aegean and was stopped by the fence in Idomeni. Mousavir cannot return, because a Taliban reception committee awaits him. He fights to become human again with a name and not just a number.

PS .: “I’m number eight, everyone knows me by that name’ and I keep my name a secret…”

George Skourtis

Greek article: REAL.GR


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