The Untrustworthy

HOUDAGeorge Houdalakis:

It is no coincidence that the largest refugee stream of modern history is closely connected to slave-trade circuits, that gamble billions. Immigrants and refugees are customers to exploit, even for some who denounce this exploitation of thousands of hapless.

Behind the NGO blur and various exotic organizations, a fully functional black market has been erected. The disorganization and the absence of state control in gathering places, such as Piraeus and Idomeni, gave the right to any self proclaimed “solidaritarian” to ask for financial help in the name of humanity. Vietnamese messiahs, yoga teachers, even firewood suppliers invoke existent or less factual needs and seek funding from any sensitive man. The action of some of them touches even sensitive areas such as medical services and the provision of medicines, creating legitimate questions about how secure these services are.

The internet is offered for everyone to advertise their “charitable” activities. Money is collected, but where it is offered, relies on the good intention of “solidarity” which due to lack of control may in the end prove to be “untrustworthy”.

PS .: Greek Proverb: Come in dogs and plow, but don’t pay the fee


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