The “nobody’s” festival


This article was written on April 4, 2016, before Mr. Jan Fabre resigned.
Greek Article HERE

“WE DO THEATRE to enrich ourselves, the audience watching us and all together, we help create a broad, mentally rich and integral culture in our country.” Karolos Koun used to say, descendant and heir of the most significant worldwide theatrical tradition.
The tradition, which must be respected by each culture minister, but also the new director of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival Jan Fabre. The Belgian, however, is unaware of the Greek theater. And because there is not enough time to learn, but enough time to direct, he decided to fill the program with productions from his homeland. The show of Fabre, “the pulsating penises” is the acquaintance passport of his art. The known reciprocating motion also has been declared art. The festival will be renamed International. In this way the Greek theater may not be vindicated, but will certainly vindicate the most overused Greek word. The word mal..ias.

PS .: “Greece must be a leader in culture. Greece, this is our legacy, this is it’s wealth and heritage, and if we lose this, we are nobody. ”  Melina Merkouri.


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