The genie escaped …









GEORGE HOUDALAKIS: In the popular tales of the Middle East, “Thousand and one nights”, magic carpets annihilate distances by flying over obstacles and enemies. Unfortunately, this happens only in the Scheherazade narratives. In fact, refugees from Damascus, not only have to overcome the Scylla and Charybdis until they reach the “happilt ever after….”

The genie, by escaping from the lamp-jail, after the construction of the Evros fence, was diving in the Aegean hoping to reach the first European coast. Since the floating “wooden walls” of NATO were erected, the refugee flows rediscovered the old path of Evros again. Traffickers know that the genie does not accept orders except from necessity. Despair, even if there is no way of escape, would invent it. The genie will return to the lamp only if Aladdin finds peace in the bloody soil of Damascus. Until then both the marine and the terrestrial fences will become the “strainer” in hope for salvation of the desperate.

PS .: «Το της ανάγκης εστί αδήριτον σθένος»
(The power of need is overwhelming.)


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