The decoder

The names in the Boyarns, Lagarde  lists etc., look like pieces of a puzzle.
The available data does not answer all questions for the welder of this mosaic puzzle.

It is like the creator of this enigma constructed a maze of parallel accounts and a code to make its solution impossible.

Faltsiani seems to be able to play the role of the decoder, since he knows best the matching process of that randomly scattered treasure. Every meeting with him promotes research. However, the remote collaboration complicates and delays the solving of the puzzle.

The physical presence and distribution of all elements to the former banker look like a check-mate on the “black” money chessboard. The problem is, that although Faltsiani wants, he is prohibited to come to Greece.

The Banks that will be required to pay compensation to our country for the “favors” to their clients certainly will not help him. It’s like they are showing us the lock, but are hiding the key. The chest, however, is in front of us.

PS .: A golden key opens all doors. English proverb


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