The actor is light


THE xenophobia marketing fills the registers and “sales” are expected to increase. Indifference towards the most violent displacement of modern history, the “charitable” side of the planet responds with its own communication arms.
The light emitting UN ambassador, Angelina Jolie, generously spread her stardust to the uprooted. Beyond her tenderness, she offered our refugee misery, worldwide television viewing . The contrast between the “perfect face” and the “great drama” may work for some lifestyle addicts. Globalization of Hollywood production free of charge. Whether this will work for those increasingly aligned behind the misanthropists of our times, is doubtful. The actor is light and this is also the case of Jolie. The actor, however, will not direct the show, nor will decide whether we will see ancient drama or a deus ex machina appear. Her own involvement will require repetition and duration or a sequel, as they say in film language. Success will be measured by the exit tickets out of misery.

PS .: The truth, like the light, is blinding.
Albert Camus

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