Serafim P. Kotrotsos: Elections or new government by this Parliament?

KOTROTSOSPASOK Press Office: “The absent and dangerous government’s inability to protect both our borders and refugees, internationally exposes the country …
… In any case the Prime Minister has to take responsibility and resign. ”

Andreas Loverdos, parliamentary spokesman of the Democratic coalition: We demand a change of government and a new government from this Parliament. No elections “.

Fofi Gennimata PASOK president, chief of the Democratic coalition: “What else should finally happen in the country for the government to accept that it has failed and resign?” (referring to the episode with Wikileaks and the conflict with the IMF).

For two weeks, the main opposition party (ND) urges for elections, considering that the cost to the economy by an early recourse to the ballot box is smaller than a “dangerous” government in power.

The Democratic coalition (PASOK- DIMAR) follows a different tactic. While criticism of the government is moving in the same direction as that of LD, it is not asking for elections but the formation of another government from this Parliament.
The parliamentary arithmetic, however, is clear. With 145 deputies SYRIZA can only be the body of such a government. No other sum of seats can lead to a governing majority.

Even if one adds the 75 seats in the Legislative Decree with the 17 of PASOK, the 11 of POTAMI, and 9 of the Center Union – for obvious reasons I omit those of KKE and CH.A- it reaches 112.

Because Alexis Tsipras and Kyriakos Mitsotakis have made clear in all tones that they will not cooperate in a government of “grand coalition”, and because, despite the best political efforts and experiences of media centers, a Leventis coalition can not seem to occur , one wonders what they mean at PASOK.
They say Tsipras  resign ‘but’ form a government in this Parliament, and not to go to elections.” Meaning?
A government with all deputies of SYRIZA, and even El, but another prime minister rather than Tsipras?
Or, maybe, a SYRIZA government with the Democratic coalition (17 seats), and perhaps some of POTAMI (although Stavros Theodorakis is flirting politically with Kyriakos Mitsotakis)?

But, even if it could be done, the “dangerous SYRIZA” according to PASOK ceases to be dangerous if the prime minister of a coalition government of Democratic SYRIZA- found instead of Alexis Tsipras is Provopoulos, Papademos or any other? Did they mean that PASOK can act as “political chemotherapy” and clear the “tumors” of the current government?

Somewhat incomprehensible approach. Or indeed you believe that the country can be driven to
elections open to evaluation and the economy as a projection, at a lower cost than that if it continues with the same government, or seriously ask you to participate in the government because they think that they have technocratic competence and political criterion remedying distortions that government policy.
Clear words …

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