Pope Francis praises Greece’s “generous” help in migrant crisis

From: TheToc

Well known for his humanitarian positions on various issues, Pope Francis gave a speech in St. Peter’s Square where he praised Greece over the migrant crisis.


Pope Francis said that a concerted response is needed to Europe’s migrant problem so that countries share equally the burden of helping those fleeing war and other “inhumane” situations.

Francis was praising Greece and other countries offering “generous” help while being on the front line of the arrivals. Speaking to people in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, the Pope said that a “concerted response can be more effective and distribute equally the weight” of helping the migrants.

He pressed for decisive negotiations by countries to achieve this and said he always keeps the “drama of the refugees” in his prayers.

Francis also welcomed the news of the cease-fire in Syria with hope and invited prayers so this development might bring relief to those suffering from the civil war and lead to peace.

Source: AP


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