Left/Right Coming or Going?


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Fofi Gennimata’s comment to Alexis Tsipras was cute, as also cute was the answer she received while the “family photo” of European Socialists (PES) was being taken, where the Greek Prime Minister was present as a “guest star” of Francois Hollande.

“Come closer Alexis, they place you on the right”, the PASOK president allegedly told Tsipras.
“Yes, but as people see us, I am on the left,” replied Alexis Tsipras.

There, however, the communication witticisms are exhausted. What, I wonder, does left and right, in the memoranda seasons mean? Is the European social democracy Left or Right  and how radical is someone who implements the harshest recession recipes and deprivation of former elementary social rights in the “social pillar Europe”? Just saying.

But because his friend Francois and also Matteo (Renzi) require a political balancing of what dramatically evolves in Europe about the economy and the refugees, the until three years ago “Madouro of the Balkans” Alexis Tsipras, is being accepted as the new “star” that can give good testimony abroad in a social democracy that supported the rabid tough choices of the “constellation Schaeuble.” And there, somewhere, the “Kammenos parameter” is displayed (which is commented upon in the next column by our beloved Spiros Rizopoulos).

Hollande, Schultz, Gabriel, and even the non-socialist Juncker have made it their life goal for some time to “vaccinate” Alexis Tsipras with social democratic antibodies. When you sell your soul to the devil, you sometimes need fallen angels. [There is a general perception that demons were angels who “fell” from heaven.They were originally good angels are creatures of God, but for various reasons were accursed and ended up “in disgrace”. In fact, the Church’s tradition says that if Archangel Michael had spearheaded with the “let us stand well, let us stand with fear God,” the other angelic orders would have fallen together with Lucifer].

This is how the PES perceive the Greek Prime Minister. And he has every reason to be self-offered in such a role to establish a politically acceptable presence (and useful for the country,) in European fora, while the inside will keep balancing between the third memorandum and the old left activism.

Difficult exercise but, nevertheless, almost inevitable.

The Mouzalas case therefore comes to summarize the contradictions of this process. How to dismiss a minister (rather successful in a jumbled refugee crisis) which the SYRIZA left of the past supports and Europeans accept as a man who knows the issues and moves in “common ground”?

If they dismiss him, they put themselves under the political (and ideological?) captivity of Panos Kammenos, and if not, they endanger the government coherence. It seems that Alexis Tsipras chooses to keep Yannis Mouzalas within the government . Personally I think he will do well.

Could such a development however, bring him closer to the possibility of a future cooperation with Fofi Gennimata or even Stavros Theodorakis? Probably, although stereotypes remain strong on both sides.

Much of that will be judged by the outcome of the evaluation by the quartet. In two or three months from now, perhaps, some things may be different, even as morale.

However it is certain that as time goes by Alexis Tsipras feels more comfortable to congregate with  Hollande and Renzi, than with Ghisi (of DieLinke) or Melanson.

The concept of power and the cynicism of European political balances are such powerful notions, that they often lead you to assess the Left and the Right, depending on the angle from which you look at developments …


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