Interweaving “My own Beria”

KOTROTSOSAt the Yalta Conference, Stalin introduces a close associate of his to Churchill and Roosevelt? “This is Beria,he is my own Himmler”.

Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria, the longest living of the leaders of the Soviet secret police, the man who commanded the vast complex of Soviet labor camps and “ideological re-education” (Gulag) but he who also coordinated the Soviet program to build an atomic bomb. Well known for his prowess in espionage and infiltration of foreign intelligence services.

How I remembered him? On the occasion of the declaration of Maki Voridis that “we live in the time of Beria,” which aimed to discredit the methods, he said, the government employs.

Otherwise Adonis Georgiadis called the State Minister Nikos Pappas “Joseph Goebbels” of the Presidential Mansion, while media systems that attack the government nowadays, remembered the Propaganda minister of Junta George Georgalas.

If anything, the current political conflict offers opportunities for a dive in the darkest forms of history.

But when Stalin was calling Beria “my own Himmler ” he obviously had in mind how Himmler, Goebbels, Georgalas or Beria are a bad thing when against you and useful when representing your aspirations.

Something like the controversy regarding the relationship that “sprouted” the polarization between the government and the Nea Dimokratia party during the debate in the Parliament.

The opposition, for example, says Alexis Tsipras is trying to replace the old intertwining with his own. Hence, they note, the changes to the correlations in the broadcasting landscape.
The accusation may prove unfounded, but requires a highly revealing assumption: that complicity exists. Because until recently even that was still disputed.

What, then, are the stakes of this war? As Stalin prided himself on Beria (even if finally, when recounting the time events from Molotov, Lavrenti Paflovits was the one who poisoned Joseph Vissarionovits), so the crony politician players exorcise the interweaving of the opponent and adopt the interweaving serving their own interests.

But is there good and bad interweaving? Logically it should not, but logic, as well as the truth can not be allowed to spoil a convenient story, more so shaking a system of power that wants longevity.

Stavros Psycharis, for example, can not be considered the everything of Greek interweaving. If this was the case, the Hydra would have only one head, which would be easily cut with minimal political will. However, something like that is wrong.

Are all of a sudden no more names available?

Similarly, political corruption did not close its cycle by sentencing Akis Tsohatzopoulos. It existed before the almighty “Beautiful Brummel” of socialism, and it is certain that it continued to exist after him.

It is true that the economic crisis changed things. Less to minimum public money for distribution, greater public exposure, more risks. However interrelation is not treated with the public vilification of an interlocking symbol, not even with its ostracism.

Interweaving is treated only institutionally. And to be honest very few countries have succeeded. Such efforts have not been made by previous governments nor by the present, at least until now, to be fair and accurate.

In this sense, the polarization in the Parliament debate about Justice makes it difficult, rather than facilitates this pursuit …


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