Human spots

“A properly defined problem is solved by 50%,” Einstein said.
Judging the ironclad answers by some European countries about the refugee-immigration problem, it becomes clear that even if we had all the means at our disposal, we would still miss the 50% of correct identification .

Apart from the problem itself, the bigger problem is what we perceive as the solution. Some exorcise the “trouble” and try to keep it outside the door.

Unfortunately, neither with wishful thinking nor with “potions” can we treat despair .
Whoever risks drowning by crossing seas to save themselves, will not faint in front of “ponds”. Every problem has a root, let alone the uprooting.

The solution can only be to stop uprooting the desperate.
But as long as the refugee crisis continues, managing the problem is mandatory.

The answer cannot be the creation of another hell at the host sites. The hotspots should be human spots, offering the warmth of human embrace, not the flames of hell.

PS .: If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
Eldridge Cleaver

Source: REAL.GR


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