Hope Wanted

By George Houdalakis

MONEY IS AVAILABLE. Millions of European euros, which are available to decently host thousands of the detained illegal immigrants in our country.

But the Greek bureaucracy converts available millions as unspent, worsening an already dramatic situation. This miscommunication puts the brakes on financing and the detention centers have run out of health benefits, resulting in a wave of illnesses, and even necessary drugs, such as those for diabetes, have disappeared.

The death of a 26-year-old Pakistani was unfortunately expected. The hunger strike of immigrant detainees, seems the last weapon to bring awareness to a society that closes its eyes, and an administration that is sensitive to nothing.

Doctors, who are also unpaid for more than a year, give an uneven struggle with the needs of patients. There are five doctors for every 1,660 people. Among them is a gynecologist in a male detention center. The money is there, but heart and brains do not exist. We need humanity and hope.

PS .: Ουκ ένι ιατρικήν ειδέναι, όστις μη οίδεν ό,τι εστίν άνθρωπος. (He who doesn’t know who man is, is impossible to know medicine). Hippocrates

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