Great pain for the unnecessary….ΑΚΡΙΒΟΙ ΣΤΑ ΠΙΤΟΥΡΑ…

A fund with eight hundred million Euros, is sitting unused, by the”prominent”who stole or “washed” it in this country, until the day of “Saint Finality”, (ie never).

The Deposits and Loans Fund filled by money, much of which comes from notorious cases of wasting public money. And while the country breathes with loans, the money is sitting there and will remain blocked for a decade, until Justice will give its irreversible decision. Along with these funds, properties of similar value are also deteriorating.

Instead of accommodating public services, saving huge amounts of rents or exploit the money by filling the funds, they are just waiting until they wear out.
While income is evaporated and we are also heading for taxation of record heights, the idea of ​​finality prevails .
Both local lawyers and lenders rely on obstacles, raising firewalls on everything foreclosed.

That in every other case decisions are made that seize our lives, has no effect in this case whatsoever.
“Expensive bran and cheap flour”, lawyers and lenders are holding both the knife and the melon, stabbing Justice.

PS .: More laws, less justice.

Source and Greek article: REAL.GR


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