Delphi claims title of European Capital of Culture

From: TheToc

The city of Delphi will submit a bid to be named European Capital of Culture for 2021 with the slogan “Metamorfosis,” mayor of Delphi Thanassis Panagiotopoulos said.


The mayor of the city with the ancient history made the announcement at a special event held at the National History Museum in Athens.

“Delphi constitutes a landmark for every Greek and European citizen that symbolizes the deepest and most important origins of the current western culture. The municipality of Delphi bears the responsibility and faces the extremely interesting challenge of protecting this heritage. Apart from the glorious ancient times, the city also features elements of both the medieval and modern history of Greece,” Panagiotopoulos said, noting that the nomination of Delphi is supported by the region of Central Greece, the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Greece and the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (ECCD).

Local governor of Central Greece Kostas Bakoyannis underlined that the centre of ancient Greece can become the cultural centre of Europe as it is the place that historically constituted the meeting point of cultures and development of new links between peoples.

Source: AMNA


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