Crete and Corfu among top-10 summer holiday islands in Europe


Crete and Corfu are among the 10 best islands for vacation in Europe, according to British newspaper The Telegraph. The newspaper describes them as follows:

Crete (“Megalónisos”, the “Great Island”), is the Greek moniker for Crete and indeed it is almost a country unto itself. The island is home to one of the longest beach-lounging seasons as well; north-coast beaches tend to be long and sandy if a bit exposed, while others are apt to be shorter but more secluded.

For those of a non-beachy disposition, there’s plenty of interest inland: exquisitely frescoed country chapels of the 14th and 15th centuries, ruined Minoan palaces and towns, plus top-drawer hiking and botanising opportunities.

Corfu: One of the greenest of the Greek islands – thanks to intermittent but torrential rains from September to May, and the thousands of olive trees that carpet the land­scape. It is also, perhaps surprisingly, one of the more rural, sleepy islands away from the main touristy honeypots.

The main holiday developments are quarantined on certain coastal patches, and once inland you really seem to be on another island, even another era. In remote glades, Corfiot villagers still celebrate summer-and-autumn panegýria (religious festivals-cum-fairs) with music and merchandise stalls – watch for posters (usually Greek only) plastered onto olive trees, and don’t expect much action until after 8pm as a rule.

The Telegraph top-10 summer holiday islands in Europe list is as follows:

  1. Sardenia
  2. Sicily
  3. Mallorca
  4. Crete
  5. Ibiza
  6. Lanzarote
  7. Corfu
  8. Tenerife
  9. Minorca
  10. Malta

Source: The Telegraph



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