“Hope for Sale”, bargain prices


The increase in refugee and immigrants numbers, happens mainly because the Turkish traffickers can no longer sell the passage to the Greek islands in “cruise prices”. Border closures and the negative attitude of many European countries to accept refugees forced and lowered the values by ​​1/3. They sell a sharp cutting hope, but the desperate are many.

Hurry before NATO intervenes, they tell the uprooted, before closing the borders, before the prices spike again. Everything is shamelessly done in broad daylight. Policemen can conjugate the word bribe really well, in all its forms.

The traffickers are indifferent and the Sultan finds yet another lever to pressure Greece and any of the remaining Europe. Caravans inundate the host country.

People reach their limits, crossing walking through a country with destination their hope. And us Greeks are already testing our strengths, because we carry the weight. Not because our backs can hold it, but our soul. In the slave bazaar, Turks sell  hope and Europeans are selling souls.

PS .: What is hope? “The dream of a person who is awake.” Aristotle.

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George Houdalakis

Throughout his life, he worked in construction, did odd jobs, and had a pizzeria for years.

A professional journalist since 1991, he worked his way to becoming an executive manager at Antenna radio, then went on to City, and held the same position until 2012 at Real FM.

He gained huge success as a beloved radio producer together with his best man and friend Yannis Kalamitsis. He still wakes up at the crack of dawn and starts the daily program at Real FM at 6:00 am.

He writes articles for Real News and in the evenings he participates at Blue Sky TV in the show “Interventions”, with Akis Pavlopoulos.

Family man and motorcyclist, rocker and vintage as he claims, he always takes the side of truth no matter who says it and whom it serves…

It is with honor and great joy that we are featuring his articles !


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